Meredith Ries


Production Theatre Opened Credit
1 Little Gem Irish Repertory Theatre 07/25/2019 Set Designer
2 Eco Village Theater at St. Clement's Church 01/22/2019 Set Designer
3 Verite Claire Tow Theater 02/18/2015 Assistant Set Designer
4 Our Lady of Kibeho Pershing Square Signature Center/ Irene Diamond Stage 11/16/2014 Associate Set Designer
5 The Wong Kids in The Secret of the Space Chupacabra Go! Ellen Stewart Theatre 01/31/2014 Set Designer
6 Bike America Theater at St. Clement's Church 10/01/2013 Assistant Set Designer
7 10 Things To Do Before I Die McGinn-Cazale Theatre 05/28/2009 Assistant Set Designer
8 The Sound and the Fury (April Seventh, 1928) New York Theatre Workshop 04/29/2008 Assistant Set Designer